Overcoming Fear, Joy in Forgiveness, Hope in Christ

Discover hope, forgiveness, and joy

Does your money control you or do you control your money?

Finding value in brokenness


About Me

Finding Value in a Cracked Pot

I was a 4th Grade teacher for 8 years who has a passion for seeing people whole - financially, spiritually, and emotionally.  My husband, Bruce, and I have four children and six grandchildren.


I have a deep passion for people and watching them grow; both in their personal finances and in their spiritual life. For over 25 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow my passion. Over the last several years I have been trained by Dave Ramsey, Dick Townsend and many others offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to my clients.


It is such a joy to now provide life coaching as a certified Living Legacy Coach and financial planning through Dave Ramsey's program. I embrace the opportunity to reach small and large audiences at once in seminars, workshops, and private speaking engagements.



True success is God working out his plan for you.
-Arnt Espeset (Jan's Father)

Jan is an articulate speaker who uses stories and humor to help her audience

  • Overcome Fear

  • Find Joy in Forgiveness

  • Find Hope in Christ

  • Become Confident in Handling Finances


Partnering Opportunities

Opened Doors

We supply immediate shipment of temporary/emergency modular housing units for:

-Disaster Relief


-Homeless, Families, Children

-Livestock Shelters

-Livestock Nurseries 

-Experimental units

-Animal Stalls

The structures measure 8’ x 12’ with a height of 8’6”. The eco-friendly reusable plastic shelters ship as flat panels, include all required fasteners, door, and window(s). Also includes assembly instructions for two people to erect in under two hours. 

Product ships flat, for easy assembly

Each shelter is a sanitary environment and includes floor, walls, roof, door, windows.

Shelters are modular and can be constructed with  standardized units or alternate  dimensions for flexibility and variety.


  • Fire Resistant

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Adaptable to multiple environments

  • Reusable, Recyclable - Ecological and Innovative Solution

  • Light to transport/under 1500 lbs

  • Can he assembled in under two hours with a battery impact wrench and a hammer.


Shelters can be re-engineered with different configurations because units are modular to adapt for multiple requirements. Also has ability to add solar or air conditioning units. Shelters suffice for either short-term or extended use and are cost-effective as they can be disassembled and re-used.