What does the word forgiveness mean to you? I think we so often have a skewed idea of what that word really means. We believe that by forgiving a wrong that has been done to us “lets them off the hook.” Forgiveness is not for the person that hurt us, that action still took place but the responsibility for that action is not ours.

I love to work with others to walk them through the process of forgiveness.

Is there a specific issue or person you are struggling with? How are you dealing with it? What could help you overcome these feelings? It is important for you to identify the problem and then begin to search God’s word for assistance.

By forgiving we are releasing that hurt to the one who loves us unconditionally, our Heavenly Father. That release allows us to no longer harbor the anger, bitterness, revenge, and even hatred and allows us to have room in our hearts for the love, joy, peace and contentment that only comes from God.

One of the biggest challenges most of us face is forgiving ourselves. Why is this so difficult and why do we avoid this issue? Forgiving ourselves gives us the freedom to open our hearts to the healing only God can give.

Forgiveness is a decision, a choice. We can choose to be bitter or we can choose to grow closer to the one who loves us the most. We must make that decision. Which will you choose?

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